Timing is Everything

Early in the week I woke up in tears about Rob, went there and processed the emotions. Memories and then thought really did start to make a merge of understanding and remembrance. My lesson was more profound in the end, now that I know what it has lead me to here and now in these moments. For a long time I have forgotten much of rob. (My real life wounded boy)
As a cycle I have been stuck in reveals itself along the way, I know that “I have to do things differently this time” and even now I continue to teach those lessons to men in my life. 
I have realized I have a bit of a curse/blessing going on to my relationships. It’s either all in or nothing, and there’s a line. There is a reason I always choose to be “protected” and in a relationship. Because I really can be a bit of a charmer and I have a strong magnetism to others, and others to me! I am a really good person, and attractive and charismatic, sure. A little magic and Air of Sorcery from my Scorpio rising traits on the outside. And a strong communication and expression in Capricorn. These all resonate within differently to different people. 
I think more psychologists and more counselors can use these tools to be more informed about what they are going through in this moment, and the past traumas. Understanding what it is that is happening “again” that is “triggering” this. They will need to make better decisions within if they want to stop the cycle. The brain is programmed over time to hold onto negative energy, and store memories for later. Popping up with triggered in the hopes that you will do “the right thing”. Unfortunately we using don’t, and this causes it to repeat later again when triggered. 
This can happen in many ways at many different times. I believe that this is because we are “meant to” follow our “life path”. Which we all have set out for ourselves, our soul makes these choices to evolve the dimensional layers. Which in some way I very much think we are “aware of” in a deep way. Through meditation, you can “see” more of what you are meant to do.
There is a thinking process that can be trained and used to tap into the layers of understanding knowledge. 
We are all very much making decisions in our lives that attribute to the “big picture”. Which I feel that I have always been a Big Picture Thinker as I don’t see images well and my memory isnt great, so I process in conversations and words in my mind. I very much “talk to myself” within. I get quiet, zone out. And this is a powerful way to make decisions. Oh shite – I’m from Orion after all lol