Scribe Channel: Importance of the Aura Field

Scribe Channeled with the Orion Council, White Brotherhood, and Ra consciousness. I am being guided to more often, close my eyes and rest my consciousness to write these messages. Usually led by Ra, this was inclusive of other conscious complexes from some of my starseed orgins that are more pressing to this import timing. I don’t normally share my scribed texts, but they may be changing with my guide’s requests to join with other lightworkers.
The importance of the auric field that surrounds the body is vital to no longer ignore as the negative impacts that are able to reach the consciousness is threated at this time. The only low frequencies that are available are trapped within the body, and thus the lower vibrations are attracted to this and are wanting in. Those that hold the Light/Love/Logos are more protected, those who do not are more susceptible to the incoming rays and integrations of harsh negative dilemma and paradox.
You choose what you can and cannot feel or let within your field, yet if you are unaware of the field you have no conscious control of this either. (These transmissions should be sent out and understood by as many as possible at this time.) The interest in energy is increasing everywhere and all lightworkers that belief in this energy work should be exposing it and increasing the interest in it and how it actually works. The science is soon to expose everything that is known and the medical field will begin to shift from the pharmaceutical go-to as the doctors’ world of diagnosis through the help fo all professionals. The workers in these fields are already aware of the imbalance and will readily support this change when it occurs. Those who do not will be removed (by reputation, illness, karma, or other means).
I see long, skinny, tall beings of light (pillars): These support the health and medical industry strongly already as the individuals take interest in their work like they had when they started. Wondering if they (the doctors) themselves are too far into the system to escape. They will take up new interests in the new science of energy and spiritual health by working with the mental and emotional physicians and officials. The larger companies that dominate the drug industry will soon be challenged with this change and make significant mistakes. Ones that will not go unnoticed. We need to support these beings, the individuals we call doctors and the changing health of all who are here at this time. The healers and individuals will not be mocked by welcomed as friends, family and close soul family embraces the unawakened with answers and changes to their routine life that will be undeniably impactful.
Those who have access and knowledge to this, need to closely watch the science that supports this, as this will be the key evidence to the masses of its importance, and it’s the truth. The undeniable interactions and stories that will spread like wildfire will soon be unavoidable in its interest as the effects of the human race become in dire need of new answers, the new science, and the understanding of truth that is being revealed to everyone who asks for it. Which is, nearly everyone in some way shape or form.
The first and most important to realize currently is the surrounding autheric field of plasma and electromagnetic body that surrounds the other bodies, including mental, emotional and physical. The emotional sits between as a membrane to the physical and mental. Those who are bound to the physical reality, that do not realize their mental abilities, are thus being controlled mostly through/by the emotional filter. This filter is becoming overloaded, full, and unable to pass the information to and from the mental/physical bodies accurately. Causing confusing and dismay at the self for not understanding itself. The aura surrounds and protects.
[Edit note: Part of how the Dark forces have been able to control the masses is bombarding the emotional system with confusion, too many choices, and not enough answers. Fear tactics work through the emotional system. This enters through the conscious mental waves and through to the body. This is one of the matrix concepts that will take longer to change over time, as the media shifts to a source of light. The news may remain.]
Shielding can be accomplished with a conscious effort to protect itself with a great degree of effective aura reciprocation. Loving yourself and others around you enough to activate these shields is the first ingredient to success in this matter. The other is to ask for the subtle body guidance to heal the fields and clear it of negative charges. Finally, seeling the aura with love and light. You can choose to not allow invasion, dark matter, negative ions, energetic bods, organic disease, virus or manipulation, and more. Most/Some of us do not need spiritual gurus to do this for us any longer. It such times, knowing that you can, and simple intention to do so is enough to start with. Spiritual guides are readily available to help with this healing and integrating the aura fields. Our consciousness is part of that field and thus, when we protect our aura we protect our consciousness – from being affected too intensely by the collective, allowing individuals to take back their own individual power.
Many are trying too heavily to connect with the collective consciously, that they are inviting negatively polarized entities to influence their aura and weaken it. Inviting yet more negative charges to enter into the aura and consciousness of the individual. Working with your energy systems and bringing them into balance helps to integrate your consciousness into the natural rhythm that it works the best in, and allowing intuition, discernment, and choice of will to play the larger role of life. This alone does help all other fields. Working with the aura is protecting that work within and holding it present in your grounded conscious experience of life itself.
There are many colors that weave the aura, coming from the chakras and other subtle energetic integrations throughout the complex. Some can see these colors and auras, proving their effectiveness. A person who has all chakras open and active, whether aligned or not, will flood the aura with this colored energy of all chakras. Those who are blocked, inactive or stuck energies of the chakra will not fill the aura, leaving the chakras that are active to attempt to fill the space and the aura alone. This is why the chakras being opened and active are important to the field it operates within. You can see that the aura is meant to be integrated and uses all charkas to take in, and let out energy from the field. Allowing the transfer from the physical,, through the emotional filter, to the mental consciousness field, the aura, and then outside of the self of the world. In which we are all connected.