Peace, Purpose, and Self

I embraced the opportunity to do a hypnosis meditation about my life purpose. (Fitting right?) 

Which brought me back to my peaceful valley near the stream. Usually placed on a large rock near the water, I instead chose a cloud this time. 

I was brought to a place where I envisioned meeting my Higher Self.

Who didn’t look older or younger, more perfect and proud. Her hair not red by goldened and fine, up. A kind of robe or magicka attire. Powerful, wise, and ancient

Overall, what this experience made me realize was my true passion for private study, the desire to use the internet to connect the souls from here and there, and provide wisdom for happiness, well being, and connection with others. 

That I indeed have my skills and assets, all aimed at helping others realize their creative power, their innate ability to help themselves. Armed with light, optimism, patience, security, and psychic power. With an understanding of the elements, energy, source, abundance, and creative inspiration from within. I believe I can assist any willing individual to heal, create, or embark on any path they choose. Influencing always, the more positive and fulfilling path to joy, love, and happiness within. 

When I think about my morals they are sound. Grounded in the nature of being a good human being. Believing that anyone has a choice, and wish others knew more about how to make the right ones for themselves. Hoping for a world that helped each other instead of caused harm to themselves, others, or the world. Believing always, that there was the possibility of humans seeing beauty, grace, equality, and power of Light. 

I believe I will stick to the Program, and blogging, as an expression and impression on the world. Somewhere along the way, I’m going to hit a sweet spot. Were I know will be what is right.


Until then, I have to open the channels. Build the body and mind, and breathe life into it!