Origin, Age, and

There are a number of ties between many of the mystic and spiritual teachings, this we know. And there is a lot to say about the Quantum world and what we perceive as Reality. Today I want to make some of the web link together with what we know from Alchemy and Science these days. Mixed with a little bit of element, energy, and biology we can explore how these might actually manifest.
No matter which creation story you associate with the most, the general story is the Flower of Life. The initial nothing/everything Point of what I’ll call Source, branches or creates anew. This is Duality born, and extends out, any cell for life does this. This happens over and over, and what I assume is that some degree of entanglement with the Original Source is kept within each cell that multiplies from it.
At some point down the line though, the ultimate separation and individualization happened and there was a Third, made from One and Two combined! I won’t bother with gender here because we don’t have to, it’s science at the micro level of + and -. It’s just that simple.
We go on and on until we have this hugely massive complex of living life. We are a part of that, as an individual human being.
Why I love Astrology is the interactive way it has managed to mathematically understand the harmony and disharmony of geometry and source similarities of elements. Through Alchemy we understood that the Scientific Formula for the Outside World (Chemistry) also influenced the inside and outside spiritual connections to source.
I look at the elements and sources of information, the people, the events, the passion that resulted from the patterns and cycles of nature. How these Seasons are happening in our environment, yet every day our inner elements cycles through a pattern that affects our physical bodies (as discussed here).
Astrology started with myths and stories of constellations, but those stories came from the events and results of things that took place in the world. The interpretations of spirit and life and environment, and their effects written and taught and exposed.
In the Age of Gemini, when we started to become intelligent, conscious, and ‘separate’ with secrets and schools, science. We not only could use tools but manipulate them, and this is how we eventually came to understand Chemistry for Pharmasuticles, and Building Materials, let alone the Structures for Buildings, and Written Communication.
Through out the ages, and all of human history, we have never stopped watching the stars and planets, especially the Sun and Moon. These have been monitored and observed to give us profound information about our World, both the inside and the outside. Yet the standard is still in a war with religion and science? What about all that we have learned about Psychology through Jung and Fund, using these same Archetypes and Systems of origin. Alan Watts and Matt Kahn, so apposing yet so similar.
I propose that no matter which path of life you explore, that it’s coming form the same source before it was divided/individualized. That entanglement is still true to it’s source. After each division through time, life, body, world, you emerge anew individualization as you Born into a Family. You are a version of both + and – that is so far down the chain of Existing Life and yet, are so different from all that came before you.
Each Limb on the Generational Tree, springs out and expands with new Leaves, and these Leaves seek the Light of the Sun. It’s common for generations and families to have history, culture, morals, careers, businesses, finances, education and so much more in common with their lineage. Common blood types, character, expression, mannerisms, body types, tendencies, deformities, or conditions that are left within the blood and bones passed on.
You are in a way phsycially bound to the family tree in which you originate, DNA tells us this. But we don’t know all that much about our own DNA Records, in life or in science. We are just now starting to understand enough about the Original Design that we can Understand it. We as human beings, are finally able to see ourselves as a part, and an individual both in the Cycle of Life and outside of it.
After watching/feeling/integrating this video a couple of things really stuck out to me:
  • That we can affect our own DNA and change it’s structure with intention, both consciously and subconsciously
  • That we can create the affect we desire, it’s it part of our makeup in this physical body, if it’s really part of who we are
  • That sounds and harmonies of energies can affect who we are – literally
  • That brain waves and states of mind really do play a huge impact in our mental and physical reality
  • That the sacred teachings of mixed spirituality is helping us make sense of science
  • That merging both the logical and the creative within the body is actually how you manifest your reality
  • That anyone can ‘unlock’ their DNA by following their own inner guidance to source information, your information, your record
I can tell you now from experience that applying this my own healing this year, both conscious and subconscious, has been profound. That working with my own energy, mental and emotional bodies, and changing my reactions in reality has affected me physically. But using my Spiritual connection, and learning through the teachings for myself, I am understanding more about myself, my family, and my world more every day. In my moment-to-moment awareness, I can see and feel and sense, the differences in my body and mind.