As I am just now learning through Spirit, Unity, Consciousness, and Mindfulness. The practice and understanding of your own inner world, spirit guides / Holy Ghost, God Connection, Source. I believe we are all influenced, directed, affected, and connected through the cosmos, astrologically, and live in unison. I think we are ‘going galactic’ by raising our consciousness, technology, and adaptability. 

I believe the state of our planet, and race are in danger if we do not change our ways of caring for a) ourselves b) our creatures c) our home planet and it’s realm d) our solar system and it’s universe. 

My spirituality cannot be directly defined, labeled or easily understood. I think that’s part of it. The individual journey through life and it’s many layers is one of divine nature. I’m happy to share my experience here, that is all. 


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Dimensional Descriptions


Inside My World

My Journey | Lessons, Purpose Driven Path

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My Conscience | Concepts, My Creations, My Research Studies, 

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The Physical Reality | Energy, Living Organic Beings, 

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My Imagined | Wake Visions & Fantasies, Mis-Fired Concepts (old and incorrect or incomplete concepts/posts), Sub-Conscious Peaks (things I am still unsure or unclear about, a piece of the puzzle) 

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Inner Selves | Cast & Crew, Higher Self,  I AM, Soul Essence, Missions

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Inner Realms | Meditations, Past Life Frequencies

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My Spirit Soup Experiences | Dreams, Spirit Guides, 
Higher spiritual places, connections, visions, and ghosts. The mystical place that is often misunderstood, mysterious, and awe-some. To me it is often vast, expansive, like deep and thick waters – soup. 


Outside World Connection

Global Consciousness | Humanity, Unconditional Love Consciousness, The Matrix, Shadow Worker

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Galactic Conscious | Astrology, Visions, Light Worker

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