My Interest in Universal Astrology Expands

I have always been interested in Astrology, and the connection we have to the planets and stars. I’ve began to talk about this openly on my blog and have even began to offer Astrology Natal Chart Interpretations. 

This month I have really tried to understand more scientifically the Starseed Community, DNA Activations and Universal Love and Light Travel. 

I have been watching Solar and Cosmic news and understand the basics of the creation and life of our planet Earth. I better understand Logos and the social structure and impact of the planets through out our Solar System. 

Further growth and expansion has led me further out of our system and interest in our Galactic Sun, and it’s residence in Sagittarius. 

From a consciousness perspective of the earth having living consciousness. This would mean the same for the Sun, and the Universal Galactic Sun being the largest extended and diverse super consciousness. 

All of this to say that I feel similar to the belief of God. If you believe in the Christian God, then you are also in belief structures of the Devil. As a spiritual being, awakened and expanding exponentially both back and forth through time. I do attune the idea of the Starseed origin ideas both in belief of Extraterrestrial Life (which I’ve always believed is possible, obvious to me that we are not the only forms of life in our System, let alone the Galaxy or Universe). 

But that life exibits the potential for expanding consciousness, a mental world. Whether that is like our existance or not is irrelevant to me currently. Their origins and lore that is errupting in the social circles of the interweb in relation to Starseed Origins is most common for those of: 

Paladies, Orion, Lyra, Draco, Sirius, Avians, Angelics, Arcturian, Andromedan

What I’m going to be doing is taking a closer look at these stars and their constillations. I am very interested in knowing their positions and relation to my current understanding of them, the starseed transmissons, and our consciousness here of Astrology. If we are truly in an expansion of consciousness, and have entered a 4D frequency then we are very much ready for new waves of love and light to transend the old and expand with the new. 

With the help of my own activations and connections with Lyra (Vega), Orions, Sirius and the Avians. I believe I can help starseeds confirm or deny their origins with Astrology birth data. I may also be able to encourage this idea to starseeds that are unaware of their origins, placement, and purpose with some certianty. 

With that said, I only hope to enlighten those who are aware of their DNA and have chosen their path of polarization towards the Love and Light, to assist in the elivation of love in conscious awakening of life on our planet. 

I am not interested in being witness to the death or destruction of our planet now, or in another life, without plenty of warning. As a Lyran I can attest to the destruction of self sabotage through denial and ignorance. Thankfully, the war has long ended but our liniage will never forget loosing and the falling of our first land of paradise, the Kingdom. Considering I know that everything happens for a reason, we have learned from this. But we have yet to rebuild the extent of that first feeling of Freedom and Openness. In an effort to retain that dream we are here to help raise this dream of Heaven for ourselves, and for others here on Earth. It is possible, but not if we continue to live in the dark, hidden secrets and in denial of service to others. 

My Orion roots have been the most intense, strict, and direct. As a result from this chaotic, expansive Reptilian root of surival. The Magic of Unconditional Love and Acceptance is one of appreciation and gratitude for all that is, as it is. I am not priveledged to the idea of judgement or opinionated pressure of belief and structure. But am most intersted in the collection of information, ideas, experience, and possibility. This liniage to me, is concerned with weeding out the false identities, entities, and information and finding the truth, light, and love of all. Within this work we are constantly pushed and pulled along the polarization of both light and dark. The practice is to always shed light into the dark, and not allow the darkness to overcome any source of light or truth. This is troublesome to me, as I interact in the dark shadows of self that is so present in the chaos of our reality. 

It is this Higher Learning of Orion that has guided me the most at this time, through out my life, or should I say lives. This attunes to my constant interest and magnitism to the energy of the Dragons. 

I agree that many of the Orions have karma to clear, and this may be a primary reason for our Starseed return here at this time. Not only is the wisdom, magic, and insight relevant to the raising of concsiousness (we can help). But it is also a rapidly progressed time of clearning, cleaning, and cleansing. The purity process can be long and slow. Any speeding up of this can be helpful. 

The duality of our Universe is relevant at every stage after it, it is always part of the plan to stay in balance and a state of coherance. 

Finally, the Sirius A and Sirius B aspects come in for individualization and seperation from what is the same, what is confined, and what is right. I don’t feel ‘as attuned’ to the Sirius energy as others. In fact for a while I felt deflected from it, much like the Andromedans. I now know and accept that there is probably a reason and purpose for this that is slowly being revealed to me. 

I don’t know that I have any Paladies origins or seed activated currently, but I definately feel the presense and warmth from them in practice. They have done a lot to help teach, guide, protect and serve me in ways I can’t explain. 

I have strong association, meditation, and visitation from the Avian and Angelics in meditations, music, and visions. Deep and profound work is going on in the higher realms. I simply trust in this higher learning but struggle to translate it. 

I struggled to admit to myself or others until last night any of this because of my hesitancy to it’s ‘legitimacy’. But last night I looked up my own chart and some of these stars, only to find that I not only had them in my chart alignments. But that Orion alignments in June were accurate to the days, that I was spiritually activated to the highest degree. An inner knowing, acceptance, gratitude, and resolve to my inner wisdom.

Thank you to the Orion Counsil of 9, for all the love, light and guidance at this time as my life and purpose is revealed. As well as all other beings of Love and Light, and the Divine Source of All.