Make Space & STFU

When I made the Inner Child Love & Money post, I mentioned I talked to Dad which was awesome. Because he had some good advice for me. Reminding me of how Dominant I can be, especially with communicating and expressing. 

To make sure that with less dominant personalities, to be patieny – not be afraid to be the One to Ask Questions. Not just answer them. 

That’s really key to me when I get too close with others.

And yet, he reminded me that I hardly am comfortable telling my own truth and just barrying everything with ‘the know’. 

Sometimes the Hard Truth answers are necissary. Other’s, it’s time to just Be Real and let people get to know the Real me, not just the tough love and die hard optimistic.

Not everyone has my perception of this world, it can be scary and big and dark. Just because I’m not afraid of those darker emotions, memories, and timelines doesn’t mean everyone else isn’t. 

I’ve been going through my own trauma, enough to know it’s difficult. But also enough to know that I can ‘go there’ with others relatively easily. 

Just make space for them to be in your life, offer them comfort and optimism, and then let them fill that space with me with compassion and patience. Silence is sometimes what’s needed for sensative people to come forward with what’s really on their mind. 

Thanks Dad



Funny shit though. As soon as you fully accept and ‘let go’ of something. If it’s meant to be – it’ll come right back. 

Fucking good thing too because – I really didn’t want to. 

This time – I’m just going to need to chill out and keep space. Be willing to reach out and then shut the fuck up. That goes for a number of people in my life right now. All Capricorns. *shakes head* I’m blessed – that is all.