Dreams (5) of School and Puzzles

Dreams Ive had through out the last few months. I dont dream often so i thought id collect them in a single post. 1. The first is visiting, touring and reminiscing about being in a large, light sand/brick/stone massive school. (I was with Ty, or a more masculine version in combo to a real version of him.) Empty and abandoned, we skipped and excitedly explored this school! Frantically excited! Were back! 2. In another dream a few nights later.. we were just waiting outside the wall of the city and school. It was huge! Sandstone or just massive stone of light color. Waiting for enterance, or snuck out and around. Either way, content and unbothered. Present and patient. 3. In another, him, Bowden and i each had arrived (for a spiritual class presumably). We were each given a specific emotional block that would keep us from being able to fully understand each other or communicate well. But we had a cylinder puzzle with some writing and turning involved. It took us some time but we eventually got it opened and we all went our separate ways. The location was dessert and at an octogon table like the one in devils canyon. 4. Tt to a gummibear. No details, just an old friend in the darkness and shadows. Hes fine, still very much alive. 5. King and queen of ( swords/air) – image, impression, or archetype only. (Later in the day outside of the dream there were multiple connections to king/queen archetypes)