What I Know About the Dimensions

I think there is relation between between the micro and macro layers of nature and existence. As above so below.

Generally I relate the dimensions to what we know about mathematical dimensional space, creation by natural geometry. In this way I also attune to the symbolism of ancient knowledge and that we definitely recognize a huge variety of symbols, languages, stories instinctually. 

We can also apply the Chakras to the dimensions in several common ways symbolically. As well as the Bible’s Revelations of the Seals. There are several other spiritual or religious references to this as well. 

Here’s what I instinctively, as well as studied to understand over my entire life (spiritually, and scientifically). In some way, I feel I have ‘touched, sensed, tasted, seen, or felt’ dimensionally shifted. The blog is based around the acceptance of ‘my own’ experiences in ‘this life’. In the same way, this is only my perception. 

MD – Mutli-Dimensional 

1D – References the Primal. The base soup. The instinct. The Root Chakra. Soul/Source existence in it’s simplest form (before procreation). Past Life Frequencies. Karmic Ties & Sexual Desire. The Pure Elemental Forms. 

2D – Duality. Yin/Yang. Creation. Sacral Chakra. Manifestation Soup. Jing. Inspiration. Opposition. Separation. Transition. Translation. Vast space. Mystery. Chaos. 

3D – Trinity. Will. Drive. Connections. Networks. Development. Intuition. Gut feelings. Self. Identity. I Am. Progress. Strengths. Individualization. 

4D – The storm of love and it’s entangled web of infinity and unconditional love and acceptance for all there is. The balance and equality of yin and yang as a combination of light and dark and all the duality of 2D chaos. The Heart Chakra. The Christ Connection. Fulfillment and development of creatures, creations, connections. The ever expanded strings, untethered. The tendency to be overcome by the heaviness of heartache, or the lighthearted blindness to love. Many times we get ‘trapped’ by love instead of ‘set free’. 

5D – The Gift, the Give, and the Great. The spoken, the shared, the expressed outward spiral. From the inner self, the the other world. The Cross, The Crossroads. The Twist. The Unexpected. The combination of all there is for all there was and is and will be. The merge into teamwork with the world outside to assist them and your own worlds. The Throat Chakra. Where the energy systems of the brain cross and the body receives energy from the right brain to the left of the body and vise versa. Acceptance and non-judgement. 

6D & 6E – I do sense that the 3rd Eye as well as the emotional chakra in the forefront of the brain, referred to as 6E. I AM. 

7D – The Crown. The Spiritual Channel to the Divine. Pure Love. Connection to Source. Uplifted awareness. God ‘Self’ or Divine Vessel. God Consciousness. 

8D – To the awakening of the Cosmic Star Seed Self. I refer to the 8th as beyond the base spiritual channels of the elemental divine of our Earth and the refer to the community effort of the galactic as a whole. In this regard, this layer is beyond ancient as our planet, race, and conscious layer is only 4.5 Billion years old. This is described in many ways across history and I do resonate to several of the constallations, planets, energies, and stories in many ways being revealed over the course of my journey. The rememberance of the lower demensions is also a relization of karmic laws of cause and effect which we are subject to over many lives and carry that energy in our physical bodies, minds, and spiritual bonds as well. This is the layer which, when resolved or accepted in truth – well, that just depends on your position… The Higher Realms are much unknown to us and can have it’s dark and dangerous sways and spirals. If ya know what I mean Bean.

9MD – All That Is. The 9 here is really meant to be universal as there is really nothing after nine but another cycle of the same divine structure for our perception of numbers. It’s that of a spiral. The Mystic and Unknown. The Godly Realms Beyond. Referred to everything “Beyond” – the vast unknown of God alone as source. At this time I have a hard time accepting anything beyond this as it is beyond my own experiences at this time. 

As described in “Devine Revelation” by Suan G. Shumsky. I feel this applies nicely as a structure and fits well with Jung and other ‘realm weavers’ have suggested in works such as “Inner Work: Using Dreams & Active Imagination for Personal Growth” by Robert A. Johnson. 


Outer Life of Material Life


Elemental Environment | 1D | 

Physical Body or Vessel | 2D | 



Conscious Mind | 3D |


Subconscious Mind | (Fascade) MD

Subconscious Mind | (Feeling) MD 

| Being “Asleep”, Blind, Bound, or Sightless | Fascade Barrier & False Belief In Separation from God | 

Etheric – Soul Self 


Inner Life of the Spiritual World 


Unconditional Love / Christ Self / Connection & Belief | 4D | 

I AM Self – The Creator Self | 5D | 

God Self – Divine Purpose & Higher Self | 6D/6E | 

Cosmic Self | 8D – To the awakening of our cosmic star self/seed


Absolute Pure Consciousness & Connectedness to All | + 9MD +