Current Days

My own version/perception/interpretation of the Current Days.

Some say that when we broke into the “God Molecule” a few years back that we cracked the code here on earth and it sent out a cry for help from the peoples and creatures here so loud that the whole universe heard it. 

Above 9th dimension we reach 10, which numbers say would be the start of a whole new cycle. I think it was at this time that the gateway past “what we knew” was shed into a world that we are now experiencing as an awakening. A shaking. A cracking. And a reckoning. For some, a revelation. 

At the most micro level that we can even try to conceive,
as well as the most macro level out we can perceive
in either direction. And we have …

If the Universe heard Us, then what is it saying back? To You?

So far all of our greatest minds have expanded in all directions in search of truth, knowledge, understanding. We know it comes to Energy, which is what holds everything, and is everything, and is everywhere a part of everything. That energy within creates energy outside of itself, which affects it’s environment. We know something about chemistry and microorganisms, immunity, and technology. And we know something about quantum physics too, astronomy and our own biology. 

Let us continue to write this story and journey on, toward the truth. 

We need to ditch what we think we know about what is and seek creative expansion and solutions to our problems. Using only the best and most pure, of intention and direction, for the safety and security of our Planet and our Race here. 

It is not about physical war, it is about personal love and direction for the betterment of everyone at all times. Drop weapons and use communication to help and guide. 

Even the crazy ones. Especially the crazy ones. Look up. Let light and love into your life and start to manifest that dream. Whatever dream that’s always been there for you. 

If your dreams are dark, then you are being blinded.

Seek to understand what you don’t know. Attune to what you are attracted to and get back to your true interests. Listen to the demons, and then listen to the angels that come afterwards. If you are one to talk negatively within, damaging your self confidence – then I urge you to challenge that voice and allow your imagination to create a voice or ask the angels to help you. The fairies can also be useful in navigating the inner communications.


If you are feeling blinded then look into Neptune