This is a spiritual journal, a sacred webspace belonging to Lee Bowden, a USA Blogger of LovingLifeWithLee.com  – you can find out more about me there. 

Unlike my open lifestyle blog, this webspace contains personal and spiritual writings, inspiration, messages, and my own divine wisdom from within. 

In May, 2019:

I have awoken to my true self, my higher purpose, and my devine relationship with spirit, source, love, and light.



Updated September 2019:

I believe my purpose is in assisting the connection between the body, mind, heart, and soul by understanding and sharing the connections between energy, emotions, and thoughts. As described and devoted entirely to the blog LovingLifeWithLee.com 

Additionally I am a bit of a wounded healer. I hope to assist people in their healing someday soon with astrology, emotional pattern recognition, study of Energy Medicine and natural healing. By use of [relevant to you] stories, pictures, music, smell, and of course touch. 

About Me and My “Sacred” Space

My personal challenges include finding balance in relationships, my inner and outer world balance, spiritual path, and being a leading role for myself and those I love for the power of Unconditional Love and the Value of Connection by devoted Friendship and Community. 

As a starchild I don’t strictly attune to any ET, channel, or subscribe to any one idea or religion, ‘gods’ or ‘dieties’. I believe in the collective and connection, energy, and The First One of All There Is, Was And Will Be. 

I feel life inclined to bring Unity to Science and Spiritual Lessons. To bring more communication, discovery, and acceptance. 

Seeing the world change means people waking up to themselves and getting in tune with their own bodies, minds, and emotions. 

It’s not that we can do it for each other, but we can be guides, friends, offering help, resources, information, and of course – communication, understanding, compassion.

In one way or another these characters have shown up repeatedly in my life. Whether that was stories, myths, nicknames, things that stuck out in class or – you know. You pick up things through out life that “stick with you” and you wonder about them… Those things matter. They materialize in your reality because of your interest and attraction to them. 

So I have just come to be interested in fully understanding more of “those things” instead of random everywhere stuff. So I’ve managed to narrow down my own healing by following my own trail. 

You can read all about my inner characters, guides, messages, spirit contact free writing, inner dimensions, and my journey here. Thanks for your love, light and support. 

My Guides include All That Is/God/Source/I AM/Divine, Archangel Metatron / Thoth, Our Sun / Ra

My Animal Guides include the Dragon, Cats, a Snake, Foxes, Ravens, Crows, Owl, Hummingbirds, Turtle, Hawks, Dragonfly. 

Galactic Origins or Guides: Angelics, Orions, Lyra/Vega, Elementals such as Dragons, Blue Avian

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Spiritual Sidenotes to Consider

By mixture of new and old medicine, technology, spirituality. 
From the north and the south, the east and the west. 
Both the black and the white, all the duality combined. 
Embracing the connection of all that is and will be. 
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, be patient and kind
with yourself and with others. 
Use your senses, both common and uncommon. 
In combination, with Them.

TO heal the body you must heal the mind. 
TO heal the mind you must feel the emotions.
TO heal both the thoughts and emotions, you must nurture your soul. 
TO heal the soul you can come to spirit within the body, mind, and soul. 


The answers are within you. Not just within your mind but within your skin, your organs, your teeth and nails. It’s Across the Lines in blood, bone, and Dna. Your environmental micro and macro blueprints. The energetic embryo was nurtured within anthers womb and flesh. Keywords: Epigenetic. Cellular Memory.

There’s a way out now, with science to heal the mind (behavior), body (habits, health), emotional trauma or patterns, and connect spiritually to your inner self. If your mind doesn’t know the answers then your body does. If your body doesn’t know then your emotions will. 

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DISCLAIMER TO ALL READERS: If your reading this then understand that this is a spirit/inner diary. Written without accordance to any outside opinion or belief. My writing style and practice is personal and unique to my inner life, selves, experience, my own mind. Unlike anyone or anything else. I’m serving myself and my relationship with the Universe, God, and Existence. Writing it down has saved my life a time or two, I’m just older now and have – I hope Wiser Things to Share By Written Word. A bit of a life scribe. I hope your reading here serves to entertain, pleasure, excite, inform, relate, or inspire you in some way. – Caylene