A War Prayer for Remembering the Dream of Peace Upon Past Warriors

Dear Hugin and Munin, 
As far as my understanding of the energy it feels like just after war this week. When you ponder what you’ve done and your looking around at the bodies. Why so many? What for? 
The answer to any that lives with this grief, who in any way live with PTSD from trauma. Or know someone close to you who does. Their family, fathers, brothers, cousins, uncles or grandfathers. This imprints on us so deeply that it leaves trapped emotions within our cells, molecules, memory. This affects us and haunts us. Epigenetics has told us the truth about how this carries genetically with out DNA. 
The world is seeing a huge increase to Emotional Support Animals for Emotional Trauma. Can I share few thoughts on why this is? 
Animals are energetically much more simple of mind and heart. Dogs are extremely loyal to their duty. Cats are docile and comforting. The list goes on but these are our favorite companions here for good reason and of divine purpose. 
For those of you who are veterans, or children of veterans! 
Know that everything has a reason for happening but thats not for you to worry about now. What is? 
The inner wisdom and promises to our selves as Warriors of our Ancestors, Elders, and Families is one of Resolve to End the War and Stop Fighting Each Other. 
Its about time we allow ourselves to pursue that promise to our Masculine Energy for all and Honor Them. US
For all who fought on behalf of Freedom and Love, Thank you! I pray for Peace 
Resource found 9/19/19